Syrups are used in their work not only by bartenders and baristas, but also by industrial dairy products and desserts. Plants seem to be created without new unique tastes. More than 60 examples are offered to clients of TM Emmi — from traditional to exotic species. Client companies can offer an amazing opportunity to choose an original taste that will be created for individual interaction.

Usage of syrups:
- Enhancement for cocktails and various types of coffee.
- Addition to sparkling water, beer, and other beverages.
- Drizzling over ice cream and various desserts.
- Preparation of creams and soaking sponge cakes.

Syrup on sticks


Bar syrups


Storage period:18 months at temperatures ranging from 0 to +22ºC.
Packaging:Glass bottle - 0.9 kg (700 ml)Plastic bottle (PET) - 0.9 kg (700 ml)